Neža Knez


Neža Knez was born in Ljubljana in 1990. In 2014 she graduated in Sculpture at Academy of Fine Arts and Design and in 2017 she finished her master’s degree from the same institution, under the mentorship of professor Jože Barši. She works in a diverse media, such as audio, video, photography, with her own body or with bodies of other, drawings and classical sculpture.

My art practice is dedicated to the sensorial research of perceptions with different senses, playing with visibility and invisibility, dealing with the question of the (thinking) body. I am interested in connections between body, voice, and senses, their relation to space, their communication with objects and people in it. I am looking for something »in between«, some kind of emptiness, elusive »blind spots« that could never be caught in language or representation.
My interest lies in everyday things, which are so close to us that they often seem to be overlooked or unusual, with different cuts and interventions in everyday life, I seek to push normality to its limit. With creating events – who would you easily say that cut into society – and connecting people, I experiment with the usage of my own body but also with bodies of others. I let the rawness of material guide me so that the work itself can stay alive. I assume the social limits that are given to us and reveal and curve them according to my own ‘humoristic’ logic.

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