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Bodies on pedestals

Bodies on pedestals, 2017, event + installation – wood, rubber, weights, box with paper, microphone, drawing on the ground

Objects on the floor testify about the bodies and their effort, which was seen (first day) thought the performance or better say kettlebell lifting competition. The exhibits objects are on a some way a remnant of  action, which isn’t represented like document, because these objects themselves has a strong presence.

This sport with strong Russian tradition, which is connected with the hard work, where presented weights was used for weighing cargo on ships, I connected with a gallery event and with different views through the eyes of cultural workers. Event establish differences and at the same time connections between culture workers and (in this case) athletes and fans. This is also evident through the vote for the winner, which is open to all participants of the event.

View on  the muscle mans  and  women’s,  which  are  showing  its strength, durability, and accomplished technique of lifting, can also transform in view of the dancing figures on pedestals, where is visible a fight with the own body.

Action and the rest after, re-investigate a hard tangible aspects of a work – communication, sense and public. In a way, I try to connect my personal past – as a former athlete – to the present, which led me to a different perception of this sport and I try all that show through unique artistic expression


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