Just as the constancy of the color is merely an abstract moment of the permanence of things, the same is communication. Communication of the views, movements, voices. Communication with me and you, us and them, communication between objects, spaces. Communication between animals, between me and my dog, communication with the world.
The body gives and receives, touches, views, perceives itself, perceives things and space and faces them. Talking about the body is meaningless in some ways because it can never be truly spoken – it emerges into the world through itself, through actions and people.


Communication #1, 2018: a snapshot in Tivoli park (Ljubljana), print 10x15cm
“I was walking in Tivoli park (Ljubljana) with my vizsla dog Niki. Suddenly we met six more vizslas and they start creating compositions.”

Communication #2, 2018: print 13x17cm, the voice (on headphones), book
“One day I decided to read out loud Mladen Dolar’s book About the Voice to my dog. She listened to me very carefully on the couch with her seal Filip (toy).”

Communication #3, 2020: video
“While I am in Zagreb I regularly visit Dolac for morning coffee. I’ve made friends with a person who sells the magazine for homeless people. Every day, for more than ten years now, she has been sitting under the Dolac stairs. She knows every stone, corner, the smell of this
place, and peoples’ stories. One day I’ve asked her if she can guide me through the Dolac with the camera in her hand and explain the surroundings.”