Neža Knez


Upcoming exhibitions:

Gallery ŠKUC, Ljubljana (Slovenia) – group

Gallery Mohsen, Tehran (Iran) – group


Solo exhibitions:

2019: Gallery AŽ, Zagreb (Croatia)

2019: Likovni salon Celje, Celje (Slovenia)

2019: Gallery P74, Ljubljana (Slovenia)

2018: RU Space, Broadway square: with Nadežda Kirčanski (Osman Can Yerebakan), NYC (America)

2018: 22 day public intervention/performance on Broadway (Brooklyn-Buschwick), NYC (America)

2018: SCCA – Center for contemporary arts, (Ljubljana) Slovenia

2018: House of Culture Pivka, Pivka (Slovenia)

2018: Gallery Zelenica (ROG), Walking research with Martina Jurak, Ljubljana (Slovenia)

2017: Kunst  off-Space/Narrenkastl,  The  love (T)Act,  Frohnleiten (Austria)

2017: Gallery Vetrinjski dvor, The love (T)Act, Maribor (Slovenia)

2017: Gallery Sira, Dis-communication, Croatia (Zagreb)

2017: Gallery  Zelenica  –  ROG  factory,  Missing link,  Ljubljana (Slovenia)

2016: Gallery SKC, Communication, Reka (Croatia)

2016: Gallery SKC, Missing link, Reka (Croatia)

2016: (ON THE) EDGES OF EXPERIENCE, performance (Reading) – library, Milano (Italy)

2016: Three  day  action/performance  For-nothing  in  Regensburg (Germany)

2016: Gallery MediaNox, No – Visibility, Maribor (Slovenia)

2014: Public intervention – guided graffiti: Graffiti, Slovenia (Ljubljana)


Group exhibitions:

2018: MLZ art dep, Trieste (Italy)

2018: Center For Contemporary Arts Celje (Slovenia)

2018: Gallery Kunsthalle, Thinking about images, Graz (Austria)

2018: P74 Gallery, OHO Young Visual Artist Award 2018, Deus ex machina, Ljubljana (Slovenia)

2018: Center For Contemporary Arts Celje – Likovni salon, Roll the sleeves, Celje (Slovenia)

2018: Gallery Kortil, Thinking (about) images, Imag(in)e Ka-mi-ze, Reka (Croatia)

2017: GalleryGallery and Gallery KinoSiska, Bodies on pedestals, Ljubljana (Slovenia)

2017: Mediterranea 18 Young Artist Biennale, Under the hayrack, Tirana (Albania)

2017: Gallery  Equrna,  Difference  between  two bodies, Slovenia (Ljubljana)

2017: Gallery Zelenica, Exhibition of Slovenian contemporary art, Slovenia, (Ljubljana)

2016:Gallery  Bianca  Volta  –  La  Ville  Ouverte /Mediterranean Landscape; Reading, Viterbo (Italy)

2016: Gallery KastellWindsor European Creative Camp 016 – Live for today/tomorrow, Human, Germany (Rettenbach)

2016: Gallery BiancaVolta, performance, Missing link, Viterbo (Italy)

2016: Gallery ŠKUC, Personal, Ljubljana (Slovenia)

2016: Gallery UGM – OHO exhibition, This is (not) a walking piece, Slovenia (Maribor)

2016: ALUO LXX. Past, The present, Future, with artwork The other view and The story, Gallery Jakopič, Ljubliana (Slovenia)

2015: Exhibition of sculptural department ALUO UL, gallery UL, Slovenia (Ljubljana)

2015: International graphic spring, Secondment, Slovenia (Maribor) and Sarajevo (Bosnia)

2014: Transform, Split images, Romania (Bucharest)

2014: PassKey, Graffiti in Blind mind, Italy (Montepulciano)



2019 Working Grant, Slovenian Ministry of Culture

2018, nomination and WINNER for the award YVAA OHO

2018 MLADIKE 2018, Municipality of Ljubljana

2018-, Two-year residence in a creative center Švicarija (International Centre of Graphic Art – MGLC)

2017, Summa Cum-laude for Master’s disertation

2016, a nomination for YVAA award OHO

2015, Award for an innovative approach to the graphic arts – solo exhibition

2015,  Prešern’s  award  of  Academy  of Fine  Arts,  University of Ljubljana

2014, Award for outstanding academic achievements, Academy of Fine Arts, University of Ljubljana

2012,   Recognition   for   outstanding  academic   achievements, Academy of Fine Arts, University of Ljubljana



Upcoming: 2019, Residency in Brasil (with curator Carolina Paz)

2018, RU Residency Unlimited artist (2 months), NYC (America)

2018, two-year residency in creative center Švicarija

2016, camp in Germany (Regensburg)

2016, Residency in Rome, Viterbo, Ljubliana, Milan with an exhibition in Tirana, Milano and Viterbo (Italy, Slovenia, Albania) – How do  landscapes shape human imagination

2014, Residency in Berlin (with curator Maja Škerbot)



2019: Presentations of young artists in a residential studio in Švicarija, Ljubljana (Slovenija)

2018: Presentation of my work in RU (residency Unlimited), NYC (America)

2018, Presentations of young artists in a residential studio in Švicarija, Ljubljana (Slovenija)

2018, MSUM (Museum of Contemporary Art), PERFORMING GUIDES, No-guides, Ljubljana (Slovenia)

2018, Round table on Cultural bazaar, presentation of the work, Ljubljana (Slovenia)

2016, Conference;  La   Ville   Ouverte/Mediterranean  Landscape,  How  do landscapes shape human imagination, Rome (Italy)

2016, event/workshop of the exhibition Krize in novi začetki. Umetnost v Sloveniji 2005-2015 with title Spaces of invisibility, Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova, MSUM, Ljubljana (Slovenia)

2016, two days of different actions with young creators in Regensburg (Germany)

2015,  presentation  of  the  work  Graffiti, International  Centre of Graphic Arts, MGLC (Ljubliana)

2015,  presentation  of  the  work Secondment,  Graphic Centre (Maribor)

2015, workshop (Meeting of views), International Centre of Graphic Arts, MGLC (Ljubljana) – THE 31ST BIENNIAL OF GRAPHIC ARTS

2014, Created a public event for the blind and seeing people on Metelkova (Ljubljana), work Graffiti

2014, presentation of the work Other views, Museum of Modern Art (Ljubljana)

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