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Deus ex machina

Deus ex machina, 2018 – ongoing, installation, video, video animation, object, hand drawings, computer drawings, book

Deus (»god«) + ex (»from«) + machina (»machine, device, object«)

The term deus ex machina is a Latin term which means »God« or supernatural being that has gained several meanings and explanations over the course of two millennia. This superior force or person at the last moment resolves an unsolvable situation without following the previous logic of the relationship or overcoming common sense.

In the first phase, the work was based on conversations with five-year old children about drawings they have made, depicting their most important things to them and their vision of the future. The drawings were used as a source material from which they then selected the most important elements to them (»head of the Ninja Turtle – it can zoom, the butterfly wings – we can fly, the ambulance car – so that we are fast, ornaments on the wings – because they are beautiful, the bridge – we can go over the lava or the flood..«). Then they assembled their pictures into a single image and named it: »A machine that will make a better world, a machine that will help us..«.

This collaboration, raised a number of questions: Is there such thing as »unspoiled nature« in children, or are they already the projection of us and the world that surround us? How do they perceive the concept of the future, even though they are not yet fully aware of it? What, when and where is our present? Are solutions by those who concern the consequences of the present always recognizable as rational?

It is very possible that incredible things will come out of that.

In cooperation with Oton Župančič’s kindergarten, group Mice.


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