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For-nothing, 2016-ongoing, site – specific, (documentation: photos, video), 17xA4 format – interpretations of passers-by, book (Mentor: Rado Poggi)

(Jože Barši: “The thing of art or rather operation of art is nothing, or if you wish art is for-nothing/non-sense. Wordpad for-nothing, which creates for-nothing is the back side of a good artwork, which in its procedure, in its structure functions like a logical machine (that must be). On the other side however the idea for-nothing bound on the object, which is unrecognizable, undefined, undesigned, formally opened and ontologically uncertain allow us to think.“)

During the three-day action, which was held in Germany, I was on a transitional meadow full of residents passing by and I dug a soil there. This diggings slowly – after its own will – started to transform in kind of hole or gutter. As soon as the material physically stopped me, I decided to bury the hole back in the original form – that, of course, isn’t totally possible.

I was interested in reactions from people who passed by, stopped and some of them helped me and asked questions. But I answered only one question: “What is this?-The hole.“ They didn’t get anything else, except confirmation, which they perceived for themselves as well.

The third day, when action was “done“, I invited seventeen people to answer one question: “What do you think about this?“. After I received their answers on A4 format, I had half an hour of introduction about my action and I tried to explain, that they themselves put the life in the artwork.

Work is strange, unplaceable, it produces a scar in everyday life. We can’t install it in a known shape of artwork. It is alive, it transforms from one to another and produces differential mental reactions. The action forces the “viewer“ to think. When the object disappears it is replaced by a thought – memory. The viewers themselves produce artwork, on another words, that they themselves are artwork. Work is alive, it changes, and again and again, it interprets itself. It produces thoughts beyond its own, and even if there is no form, it exist just like documentation of something. Words, thoughts, and interpretations are alive, this is evident from the notes of people, asked for opinion of “this“.

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