Neža Knez

The Love T(A)ct

The love (T)Act, 2017, installation, graphic paper, sound, inscription on the paper

Our century is based on visibility, but it is precisely in this incarnation when it often happens that things are overlooked. The artwork The Love (T)Akt tries to alert, or even transform, the perception of reality. It offers something spectacular, strange, or something that “does not have anything to see”, and encourages us to look at it more closely. It is not (as in love) seen in objects, but everyone can find access to their own pleasure. The work does not hide or reveal Nothing, except for the viewer who wants to see it.

Nothing but gentle printmaking paper in their phenomenal materiality are placed in the gallery space accompanied by of the raw sound recording and the inscription on the paper that complements and gives the tact. This embodied Nothing is like love, the absence of absence, the body as the object of desire, and at the site of this withdrawal, two distinct (sexual) positions, the body of the Self and You. As a naked body, a clean surface, the surface is again and again, the body in love. With the fascination of pure, delicate printmaking paper, which is merely a bearer of “beautiful”  (the beauty itself remains unmistakable), I try to extract a deeper essence, because I believe it is concealed in the split the Beauty from its bearer. From form, assumption, matter, author, viewer, symbol. Straight to nothing, which is unbreakable, abstract, yet realistic.

Statement on paper:

Love lasts as long as the positions of I and You are ready to accept the image of the other as the only image. But it is necessary to see not only the object of desire, but also something else as long as they want to see this something that is lingering in the back. This desire to see is love. This is a place where there is nothing to see, nor to understand, there is only pleasure. That is why neither I nor You, as long as there is love, do not see behind the image of the other, eternally nothing but a new superficial manifestation of the other. So, nothing but love.


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